Couple Photoshoot

 Beach is a perfect place for intimacy and love. You can either wear your swimsuits or bikinis for the photoshoot or something casual that could enhance and fulfil the purpose of your photoshoot.

  • Agree the shooting date with the photographer. To do this, contact us by phone/WhatsApp or through our feedback form.
  • You choose the most suitable wedding photographer package and we prepare a contract.
  • We sign a contract with you, you make an advance payment and we reserve your shooting date. For your convenience, payment can be made online through our website.
  • You meet with our photographer to clarify the details of the photo shoot, to discuss the venue, decor and accessories, and to make the final calculation.
  • We conduct the photo shoot on the appointed day.
  • We give you your photos and videos, and select pictures for the album. We choose the cover design and the photo book pages.
  • We retouch the photos for the album, create and agree on the photo book layout, and then create it.
  • We handover the ready photo album to you

Of all couple photography purposes, the best one is it gives you a reason to spend time together. And this is when you can capture plenty of moments you spend together talking and listening to each other. Also, this is one way you can break the ice and overcome your hesitation and shyness. That means through this photography idea; you can turn your actions into some awe-inspiring poses. 

Dance together, bake pastries together or discuss something you love sharing with your partner, thus indulge in a conversation and forget that you are being captured. It will create the poses that have the most genuine expressions.