Product Photoshoot

Product Photoshoot is typically reserved for the services and products that a brand needs to offer. So, there’s not much in terms of background that comes into it. Product photoshoots are done to make the subject stand out so the background is usually kept simple and if there are props, they are only there to tell its importance or support the claims made by the company about the product. 


  1. Create a scene
  2. Macro shots
  3. Place the product in the background
  4. Freeze frame photography
  5. Photo manipulation
  6. Show all product variations
  7. Show the product in use
  8. Experiment with angles

There are a number of considerations when thinking about appropriate colors to accompany the product. Among the most important tips, however, is that you don’t want to take the attention away from the product. That’s why it’s best to stick with neutral colors. 

You have to be careful with the angles, because you can distort the product. But, you can get some innovative shots by doing things like hanging the product or using props to position it. Then, you can take images from underneath or above the product. And, you can use eye-level shots to highlight the best features.